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What did Mars see?

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If a plus dies (soul reaper not of captain grade or a normal soul) they just get reborn as a human.
I don't know what a plus is, I probably forgot about them.

Still even for them, they could get reborn a million times, their ultimate destination in the bleach world is either hell or dirt reatsu in soul society.
Orochimaru invited to Naruto marriage 🤢
Ootsutsuki plot 🤢
Rikudou sennin with 0 aura
4 missions to bring back sasuke (this is so ass)
Neji and Rock Lee non existence in shippuden
Neji death
How the first hokage died? Unexplained
Tsunade parents? Never showed
Sharingan can do everthing
Naruto only knows two jutsu

you guys can't defend these things

The peak of naruto is the og, but shippuden is good when its related to the plots involving akatsuki members
And not forget the "obito is a cool guy" moment
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