Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1112 Spoilers Discussion

What did Mars see?

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The spoilers are cool and all but Redon did what he usually does

He thinks every chapter is generational and tells people what to expect

Then we actually get the spoilers and they're cool but nothing crazy
The only reason why he doesn’t get in trouble with viz is because he runs advertising for them on fan forums


Wtf are you talking about? Egghead has been great(Not perfect) but way better compared to the previous post timeskip arcs such as the Wano arc.

You're also acting like this short summary is the entire chapter, it's almost like you and some others keep forgetting the full summary as well as the raws.

The Egghead arc has brought my interest and hype back to One Piece again, Wano on the other hand especially during Act 3 is where I started to slowly lose interest and hype for One Piece.
I said my observation , and I'm not wrong with that.
I havn't enjoyed this arc much , and same goes to other people as well.
A few may like it , like you and it's fine bud. I'm not here to debate and convince people into thinking what I think is right lol.
But there's a massive downfall in readers and switching to other anime/manga in my own friend circle.


You're talking to a guy who thinks mushoku tensei has better world building than One Piece.
This is guy has lower IQ than an average room temperature.
Bro simply can't accept the fact people prefer something else over what he likes lol.
And in the end indirect Poking all you and your does lmao.
Just Because I prefer Isekai world building over one piece , all points stands meaningless now lol. Sure ok. 👍🏼
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