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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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Sasuke is the Sanji of Bleach

Yeah, Orochimaru > Jiraiya is 100%, at least after having a Zetsu body.
Lol, itachi negged orochimaru with his genjutsu alone and itachi admitted he and kisame would have a VERY hard time to beat jiraiya with the possibility of both of them dying.

If jiraiya uses that sage art genjutsu it's GG for orochi
They might need to team up though
I don't think Luffy's gang, the Revs, and the Yonko alone can beat the WG, assuming the God's Knights are actually strong.
But we'll see eventually
I don’t think the other emperors or admirals (at least og 3) will be around to really help fight against imu and the world government

I think the residuals will tho
Like for example imo
  1. Big mom herself won’t be around to help but katakuri and other left over big mom pirates will
  2. Kaido won’t but Yamato and other beast pirate remnants will
  3. Akainu might not but Koby, smoker, and the other future of the marines might
  4. Vivi will also probably be leading the kingdoms that rebelled against the world government
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