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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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I assumed the Revos lose to the WG before Luffy beats them, so the uprising happening now makes sense. Meanwhile Luffy is on his journey the war starts on the WG end
revs probably get beaten by gods knights.

Drag on did say that they were the real enemy of revs after all.

Garling about to get massive hype :endthis:
Whole week on twitter in the university i was forced read fanfics about "NANI ZOLO YOU LOOK RYUMA" in my timeline just to get all blue lore :josad:

Reminder that no bum outside of Wano citizen or people that were in wano mentioned ryuma once in the manga :josad:
Last time someone said he is safe, Kizaru and Saturn showing different things
I don't even wanna believe what Oda's gonna do to Sanji cuz so far its been bad
Eye diff, talking all that to Kizaru to ended up nothing and worse he got kicked
Oda's sometimes is a wack when it comes to him
might take an L later tho i don't mind
but i only believing that Sanji's Opponent against Gorosei is Mars and thats the most Safest Sanji opponent

Based on Redon's hints, It seems Sanji is doing good vs Nusjuro but I think you are right about Mars, I see him as the real opponent of Sanji in the future too
Laturn getting stalled by Nami Usopp Chopper and Robin is a new low I didn't even think he could ever reach

Lasujuro getting kicked by Sanji as Redon's gif suggests is also embarrassing.

Seems like the only villain that Oda respected vs the SHs is Kizaru who easily shat on Sanji twice.

Not looking good for rhe "Gorosei arent just regen merchants" agenda ...
Robin is injured so it's Nami Usopp Chopper and Brook
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