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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
“Think of human lives as nothing more than insects. No matter how far their numbers dwindle, it's always possible for them to multiply again.”
- Saturn

A bunch of kingdoms are in active revolt, Mariejois is running out of food because of crippled supply lines, etc.

I think the CDs are more than willing to wipe up 99% of common folk on a whim. The balance of power is just a construct to keep them fat and comfy (pirates attack common folk -> common folk sign up for protection -> common folk give resources and taxes to government -> government allows pirates to exist -> repeat).

The moment they’re even slightly uncomfortable they can just wipe the slate clean.

As I said, I am ready to buy your point but oda needs to explain it in upcoming chapters which remains consistent with whatever we know
Nusjuro about to go from potential top 5 of some people to a fraud just because Sanji did something against him ... insane the effect Sanji has on characters standing.
When it comes to powerscaling and agendas, Sanji alone is the exception. So much upscaling and downscaling stocks are completely dependent on how this love cook performs. Just a few panels with him can permanently destroy an entire fandom beyond repair.


While everyone previous enemy would be frustrated on how strong luffy became....
Kizaru didn't look frustrated that luffy became strong.... bro simply didn't care from the very beginning.
Poor Zoro won't see any Gorosei
That bitch can't even best Lucci
What a garbage of a character
Just like poltician
He talks big
But no action

"I'm here to do this that, you can't fight our captain"
Gets rekt by Kaido
Needs Jinbo to save that bitch
The one Piece is the real world down below literally all the world has to offer and the All blue is the many oceans combined into one
That’s interesting perspective I think it also means changing world geography .

I think the real reason Celestial Dragon stay on top is starting to make sense . Any form of rebellion against WG was meet with same fate as Lulusia kingdom .

Old Testaments talked of Great Flood It’ll be interesting if treasure aka One piece is underwater . To do that they have uncover real geography of the original world . All blue is certainly connected to this .
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