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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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No they're actually manga characters and not real schizo.

"When Aokiji joined the navy he was called the recruited monster and possessed a great fighting force that he had not learned from anyone"

These chadmirals that as recruits were already considered monsters by legends are great.

Characters that start as wimps when kids and train their asses off to become top tiers are just Gary Stus. Gary Stus tend to give ammunition to cheaply shit on them weekly for their faults, very Gary Stuish.
No He’s a zorofan and zoro is the equivalent to natsu, a character who literally cannot lose a single fight no matter how much damage he takes or how many times he proven to be inferior to his opponent

He wins simply because the plot demands it and he goes on to 1 shot every opponent due to “friendship”(plot armor basically)
I love natsu tho:josad:
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