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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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Why are people acting like Gorosei were all on similar level?

It was obvious as I've said :
Topman : FA/yonko level
Mars/Nesujuro : above Admirals /Mihawk
Saturn/JuPeter >= or ~ Admirals /Mihawk
Yeah, I can really see Kizaru getting stalled by Brook, Robin, Usopp. Oh wait, no lol.

But anyway, let's wait the raws.
And there goes your "world revolt" message. Imu evidently is going to sink the world (again?) with his weapon, as it did evidently.

I assume 1114 will clarify what that means, but now we know Oda's aim for the endgame at least with the WG, because the "Great Cleansing" will sink everything while Mariejoa remains.
Knowing Oda, the broadcast will be cut off before Vegapunk can explain why the world will sink
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