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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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You mean like how zoro needed to be saved by stussy from kaku

or how Kaku saved him from 2 seraphim

or how Jinbe stepped in to defeat lucci for him?

oda may be a dogshit writer but it’s crystal clear he regrets conceiving that green vaginal discharge haired fuck. If I ever came up with such a character, I’d amputate all 10 of my fingers yakuza style
Zoro was never in danger facing Kaku
Sanji couldnt move,if kuma didnt showd up saturn wouldve killed bonney and your boy
Kaku never saved zoro from anything
Thats weak bait
Jinbei neither
But yo boy also wouldve faced the vp sitution from kizaru if luffy didnt save his ass
Now this
This is pathetic
The so called mvp let vp die and needed saving 3 times
Sanji makes punk hazzard smoker look cute
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