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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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We need to know whether OP world consider Vegapunk a reliable source

Considering that Vegapunk have ties to criminal orgs.

Safe to say his reputation tarnished
Ok its over, WG are going down before blackbeard the final villain, after the world will take down imu to stop ocean from rising further, it will be very vulnerable and the opportunist BLACKBEARD will profit of the state of weakest to take over then we get strawhats pirates who will also get stronger from the war vs the blackbeard pirates. kinda like the world vs madara/kaguya then naruto vs sasuke.
@Lee Ba Shou

If that isn't the horn of the World Serpent, Idk what will be.

Honestly, Moriah was probably the luckiest and unluckiest mf on the entire verse the entire time, considering the fact that he was so damn near the potential final villain (if BB and Imu somehow are not the final villains) who could easily end his entire existence with a single bite lmao.

Or the big players will try to control the World Serpent.

I'm sure the World Serpent will rather play a similar role like the Juubi as a mass destructing creature and the bad guys will use this creature to create chaos upon the world.
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