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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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So after all the wank from mossheads just because he uses a sword, is Sanji actually stronger or is Nusjuro actually fodder?

I mean, Sanji clearly blocked his slash and slashes are the strongest thing in the verse and all that

Swords are the best and they're epic and they're the strongest



Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Being a sanji fan is hard

In manga, they have to deal with oda who frequently make sanji a hype tool for no reason

During discussions, they have to deal with twin forces of zoro fans and some sanji fans like Monster zoro

And, if these weren't enough, they now have a spoiler provider who doesn't reveal sanji best moments until raw drops and let sanji fans face the heat during spoiler discussion.


Sanji: I can hear it, the one that I need to help...
Bonney chan's voice is.

Sanji (continued next page): What is that thing?

Venus: Jewelry Bonney, we can't just hand over our military forces to you.

Franky: Get back Bonney!

Sanji: Hold up! Move it! Out of the way Franky!

The one who is popular with Bonney chan is....


Sanji: (I tried to piece together this part with a dictionary, so Idk if it's right at all)
What can an old man gain from fighting with pirates?!

Sanji: Wooah.

Bonney: Sanji!

Giants: What is that?

Kashi: Hold him down Oimo!

Atlas: Stella!

Bonney: Distortion future!

Military fodder: What is that?

More fodder: Is that Jewelry Bonney?

Bonney: Giant like future!
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