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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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When the fastest admiral gets blitzed by fuckin sentomaru who is one shot material for lucci

I think nasjuro getting sneaked by someone way faster shouldn’t be an issue
Just throwing around the word blitz for landing a hit on a character are we know?

Even with hits that don’t even break the characters guard and get blocked lmfao
Lying and gaslighting really are the only options you have left huh

You're gonna tell me the flame-shaped lines surrounding his legs aren't flames?

And Nusjuro was in the middle of throwing an attack at Franky and Bonney while simultaneously talking on GoroSkype.

Sorry bro, but the only thing Lanji Cucksmoke is good at is being a cheap shot merchant.
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What do we have? Lanji hit Gorosei in the "back", and was immediately bitten and saved by the giants. Brook and Chr easily block gorosei's punches, and Brook cuts gorosei. So the only one who got beaten up again was Lanji who couldn't block or dodge the bite? And is this being presented as a feat? The candies are very hungry. In the meantime, ap brooke >>>lanji.
Man, EOS Zoro will have such a deep resume it's insane:

King - jobbed 2v1 against Marco
Shiryu - one shot by no haki injured old Garp
Mihawk - was going high diff with Vista and fled from vice admirals
Nusjuro - blitzed by base Egghead Sanji and held down by Water 7 Franky victims

That's my WSS

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King beat marco afterward that aside whiryu deal 99% damage to garp in 1 strike, mihawk casualy slice the frozen tsunami that trapped marinford, nasjuro tanked any attack and easily taking on a 7 vs 1 after soloing whole pacifista in 2 min, plus is immortal and a greater swordsman than shanks. They are monsters and zoro gonna beat them.
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