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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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I found it!!! @Sentinel @Fujishiro and whoever else cares: Go read this theory if you want to receive the mind-fucking to end all mind-fuckings. No OP theory in the history of the internet has even come close to this one:

That's an awesome theory
Honestly it's super plausable to me I can see it coming true
The golden pattern of dreams, flow of time, and inherited will can be applied to so many things as well
If Sanji's Flames are indeed a Form of Haki
I believe He can harm Gorosei
Power of Love should be Counter to their Invincibility
Sanji flames most likely isn't coming from haki, cuz to withstand or endure Diable Jambe flame he needs CoA as he said

Plus if thats indeed an Haki, then Sanji had Haki or CoA pre timeskip before Luffy which is not true
I wonder what the world actually looked like before the void century
We know islands like long ring long land, water 7, and wano have been large amounts of them submerged under water. Maybe even the mink’s original country was also submerged which is why they now live on zunesha

Also does that mean most the actual islands we see now are basically just the tip top peaks of their original countries?
The ancient kingdom is definitely under water somewhere


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