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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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Sanji already catched up to "the fastest" Horseswordman and tagged him
Where is "9/10 speed stat" zolo of the fast huffs? Dogled by jinbe, who is faster :josad:
- After Sanji kicks Nasujuro they both feel another pressence on Egghead
- Nasujuro is surprised and can't believe there is somebody this strong in this era
- Sanji says it's past time he made it here
- Green Smoke starts filling the area as Nasujuro prepares to fight
Finally, gear green


I was so excited by gohdroger theory proven right that i didn't even pay attention to sanji dynamic entering Zoro's EoS fight hahahahaahahahh.

Can't wait to come into the spoiler discussion of the chapter where franky gets paw fruit and luffy travels back in time
Good to see a fellow thinking mind in the middle of sedated sheep
I'm the one that invited him here after seeing him on Reddit. Been following him since, giving the benefit of the doubt.

After years ago when I accidentally came across a forum where a guy revealed all of Naruto to come (Itachi's true motives, Naruto being related to the 4th etc), and it actually being all correct.

I've learned not to immediately doubt every 'script leak.'
Now they're talking as if Sanji had actually "fought" Kizaru and everything; as if he had met their actual expectations this arc.
It's a copeing mechanism really. He's been ass this whole arc. Any form of "fight" he has, he gets 1 shot or hypetooled. Doesn't protect a women whose just been attacked in front of him etc.

this latest "fight" is just another one. won't last long though lol
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