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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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After years ago when I accidentally came across a forum where a guy revealed all of Naruto to come (Itachi's true motives, Naruto being related to the 4th etc), and it actually being all correct.
Do you remember what year it happened and perhaps the forum? All mangas have majority of the plot already fully conceived and stored by shonen jump, it doesn't surprise me that those with access to SJ files manage to get the entire story.

I never heard about the naruto leaks, rlly spiked my curiosity right now
I recommend a read as I might butcher it a bit but pretty much the theorist sets up a golden pattern of a person's dream, flow of time, and inherited will

Example is the golden bell in skypeia and how it was promised to ring again but got forgotten to the flow of time until the inherited will of Noland's decendant and Luffy changed that

Led to the idea that the one piece was the ancient kingdom's dream to destroy the red line and the grand line and unite all the oceans which led to the 20 other kingdoms rebelling and taking down the AK and ruling over everything for 800 years, leading to the void century. That will was inherited by roger who also followed the pattern by starting the golden age of piracy, hoping someone else strong enough will inheriet it (Luffy lol).

On that note it says that Madam Shirly's prediction is gonna come true as Luffy will destroy the red line which in turn will destroy the grand line and fish man island which will lead to everything being united and the all blue being created. This action would help fufill the dreams of a lot of the Straw Hats. The citizens living at fishman island would leave on the Noah.
Oh I heard part of this before, mainly the stuff about the all blue just being the op world without the red line
It's a pretty good theory and I think it has a 98% chance of being accurate.
I don’t think so.

This is a brilliant writing choice, because it forces Akainu to sympathize with Pirates. The WG will not spare Akainu or the Marines, why would they? They don’t need the Marines anymore, they have the Seraphim and the Holy Knights, and they’re about to reset the rest of the population back to level zero. Why would they spare the Marines, especially if they intend to bury this history again? (They do)

Now Akainu’s choices are:
1. Continue to oppose pirates and die alongside them
2. Join the pirates and fight for survival

Brilliant. Even Ryokugyu won’t want to go along with this shit lmfao.
Zodiac pirates = strongest crew
because that is what Zoro does. He is an alpha male, he is Michael Jordan of the OP universe. He never loses, he will never lose, he will always win at everything in life every time. If Sanji calls himself the rival, he should be expected to at least come close to these standards.
Then you realize this is a ficctional story and that the protagonists are the good guys and that things are meant to go well for them despite circumstances
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