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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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- Flashback to the Gorosei (minus Saturn) talking in Mariejois before arriving on Egghead
- Mars mentions that things could be worse
- The others are quiet but agree
- Warcury says that as long as the Mythical Fiery Bird doesn't appear, Imu-sama's goals will be achieved
- Cut to Nasujuro looking at Sanji's Diable Jambe (base)
- He says now their backs are teuly against the wall and Imu-sama himself will need to interfere

@Jailer confirm?
How is that my agenda? I literally said I don’t care if he could move or not Sanji couldn’t do shit about it. I don’t have an agenda lol I don’t care about Sanji or Saturn.
Because the point is the paralysis is pointless in any fight and existed purely for plot convenience to give Kuma his big entrance and this “Eye Diff” doesn’t actually exist lmao
I mean I get it, nusjuro is > zoro so beside sky spliting he is getting destroyed by his EOS opponent (its another mihawk, shanks situation) so oda gonna have zoro vs mars instead to hype him above anyone bellow nusjuro.
Nah this is just like when we got Sanji v Saturn. We all know how hyped these Runji fans got. we also know how that ended. lmao let them set themselves up again as per usual
Sanji is on so much smoke this arc and I LOVE IT!
Bro wanted smoke with S-Shark, Kaku, Saturn, Kizaru and now the bald fuck

This dude can witness giant demon gods and feel no fear upon seeing them

Man I love this character so much
I doubt one punch blacked him out since he’s taken much stronger hits straight to the dome.
Who knows. Though it does seem he may have died there if he didn't regen, so he couldn't have been passed out for long if he was
Even Luffy's Dawn Gatling didn't seem to take him out. Either he has nutty endurance or really nutty recovery that allowed him to get back up and heal before it was too late
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