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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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Sanji = partner characters like killer, beckman, and Rayleigh
Zoro still obviously stronger tho
  • Luffy Roger
  • Zoro oden
  • Sanji Rayleigh

Lowkey the power of love might be able to actually hurt them lol
Love makes the impossible possible. Garp was able to hurt luffy with love not haki
Sanji vs Swordsman Gorosei
Time for Sanji's second hypetool moment of the arc. Man Oda is obssesed with embrassing this dude.

- Attacks Vergo
- Leaves with Broken Leg

- Attacks Doffy
- Nearly dies

- Attacks Judge
- Gets his ass beat

- Attacks Niji
- Gets his ass beat

- Attacks Daifuku
- Loses to him

- Attacks King
- Gets speared

Also gets his ass beat by Yuen, Black Maria, Kizaru.

This in no way is a W for Sanji....he is about to get mauled by Zoro's opponent. Again. Self hating Sanji fans however can get happy about this I guess, until next chapter hits.

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Dragon fans: 💀💀💀
Real EOS Matchups:

Luffy vs Shimu: Fairy Condom vs Flame Swallower

Warcury vs Akainu: God of Justice vs GOD OF JUSTICE

Mars vs Aokiji: God of Environment vs GOD OF THE ICE AGE

Nasujuro vs Fujitora: God of Finance vs GOD OF REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH

Ju Peter vs Ryokugyu: God of Agriculture vs GOD OF FERTILIZING

Saturn Vs Red King: God of Scientific Defense vs GOD OF ROBOT ARMS

Saint Shanks vs Dragon: God of doing nothing but snitching vs GOD OF DOING NOTHING AT ALL

EOS is going to be wild.
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