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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
@MarineHQ @Lee Ba Shou @SakazOuki

@L57 is telling us to give up on the admiral agenda.

He knows a lot about giving up.

He gave up on Sukuna and literally said “the future W’s won’t matter” 6 chapter before the fight ended then switched his PFP back to Sukuna and went back to being a dickrider as soon as he got a W.
Definition of a bandwagoner with no ideas of his own lmfao.

@L57 Why aren’t you a Sanji fan now? He’s the new Vice Captain and is embarrassing Gorosei left and right while number 4 needed help to land one attack on Lucci. lol
Sry im not investing in your headcanon picnick. Only SH that jinbei manhandled like his bussyboi is zoro, argue with oda, he set the hierarchy.
Now dont bother me and run off like your idol Kekro the runner, like Lucci stated saving his slow ass running. Oh wait he is even too mentally retarded for that and the SH need to send a handler to fetch him, also canon. Blud can do that even right soon he needs a nurse.
Don't worry the big boys are coming, everything will be fine. :hapnoel:
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