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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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I like Yonkos more than Admirals but I also think that Kizaru will do something. The whole arc points to a betrayal from Kizaru.

Within the next 2-3 chapters or so I expect Imu to tell the Gorosei to retreat so he can use his laser and eradicate Egghead and the Straw Hats with it. Kizaru with his awakening could be able to hold the laser back for a couple of minutes (and die in the process) so SHs can escape. It would be his redemption after he he killed VP.


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Will zolo fans recover when Sanji land some feats against nasjuro?

They only hope is Zoro eos opponent will be way above sanji

but now egg head sanji might look good aaginst his eos opponent

Guys, for those who dont remember, this sink plot is literally the Film Z's plot, when Z want to sink the entire New World to put a end on the great pirate era by destroying the "Endpoints" with the Dyna Rocks who called to be equal as the Ancient Weapons, destroying this 3 "endpoints" then the entire new world will be sink ...
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You can easily push kizaru>Saturn>Venus. WAkainu is stronger than kizaru.
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