One Piece Chapter 1114: “The Wings of Icarus”

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I saw this on twitter

Credits to @breaking2good

He/she pointed out that the flame looks like the fire of the Lunarian's

I noticed the A&Mu on the tank and maybe the A stands for Alber because it’s made from his DNA and Mu could be the forgotten land/continent of the Lunarian's

A man named James Churchward popularised the myth of the ancient continent MU
He claimed that a high ranking priest from India showed him a set of ancient "sunburnt " clay tablets. They were written in a long lost language which only two other Indian soldiers could read.
Churchyard learned the forgotten language and was able to decipher the tablets.

1. Mu was the home of an advanced civilisation called the Nacaal
2. they flourished between 50.000 and 12.000 years ago and were dominated by a black/melanated race -> the Lunarian's?

3. they were superior in many aspects to our own
4. The continent Mu had 7 major cities, 64 millions inhabitants and colonies on other continents
5. the 64 million inhabitants were separated as ten tribes during their time of demise and the ten tribes followed one government and religion
-> the WG?
Mu Piece everywhere
I bet this is true

Its how Mihawk went from the east blue to the new world so fast when he showed Shanks Luffy's first bounty

It also explains how Shanks was able to get to marineford so fast after just fighting kaido in the new world
To be honest, One Piece navigation doesn't seem to take that long when you don't end up organizing coups in every country you come across.
Garp is really a beast even in a 5 vs 1 he almost beat the hell out of Kuzan if not for cheap tricks from shiryu shit Kuzan would have lost in a 1 vs 1. He is definitely on par with the pirate king in terms of strength even at his old age he can clap an admiral like that 🔥
Goated chapter, Vegapunk finally showing the prowess we hoped for before his arc started. I haven't read through 14 pages, but this talk about Joyboy as first pirate reminds me of the Six Paths, at this point it wouldn't surprise me if he were the first to use Haki and if the Motherflame is the key for Luffy to get the full power of Joy Boy or something like that. He still probably needs to teamup with Blackbeard and his Yami Yami no Mi to beat Imu tho.

Always great to see Doflamingo aswell, especially for the memes he generates xd, one of the best One Piece villains and the saving grace of Dressrosa arc.
Two things stuck out to me this chapter.

1. This seems to indicate that Nika and Joyboy are indeed two separate individuals. Related through the Nika Fruit. But, still two different entities.

2. Given Doflamingo's reaction to the news about the world sinking, I have to wonder...Does Doflamingo know about the city on the Moon?
What indicates that Nika and joyboy are two separate characters?
Nika = Elbaf mythological being that came to "life" through this whole Devil Fruit dream thing Vegapunk mentioned

Joyboy = first pirate who first ate that mythological god fruit

Luffy = Joyboys true second coming (Roger only kinda, but he was too early and didn't eat that fruit)

That's probably the gist from all this lore dump in Egghead.