One Piece Chapter 1114: “The Wings of Icarus”

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look. this is getting us nowhere at all. SOMEONE DO SOMETHING! luffy stop fooling round. get serious. the straw hats will be able to defeat the elders. they have to! zoro come and fight the elders. someone defeat those worthless old farts. put them into a retirement home. sanji go into ifrit jambe and beat the elders. just try to do something to defeat the elders. also im glad that the others are protecting robin. sorry that im ranting its just someone do something before it all goes horribly wrong with no hope. im getting worried at this point. you can do it straw hats! beat them and break them as a complete team. thats the only way i think its going to work!
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Luffy hurt himself again when punching Topman this time while he was in Gear 5? How can that be?

I was told the Gorosei are totally YC1 hax merchant fighters who be defeated by basis Acoc/haki.

"Is Luffy is just hurting himself because he is secretly masochistic?" Is that gonne be the preview of this community for the next couple of days trying to cope with the fact that the Gorosei and Topman specifically are just not the easily dispatcher fodder they all claimed them to be?


You love to see it.

Maybe a special light does negate their demonic forms?
Maybe the "Sun God" in Nika's title is actually linked to some flame, as it should, instead of the random "rubber" association?
This mother flame shit is going to be something an awakened mera mera no mi user did in the past. Oda is not going to miss the opportunity to shill Ace and Sabo's potential and end the magma>fire discussion.
First time, VP seems sympathetic.
I would have liked to have that speech from start of eggland, to have a bit compassion for him. Now, he can just die by forgetting his other not so important sins aka kidnapping children and make experience, call him Oroshimaru
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Goofy will do something similar to the mother flame and hurt Warcury.
It will be given to Bum usopp so that he can may be do something.
but yeah gomu gomu Red MotherFlame Hawk could be good combo