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Demaro Black now cosplaying as Kid is absolutely hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Man the lore drop in this chapter was
Nuts Lore Piece has me hyped even when there's no fighting

I guess Global Warning is real in the One piece universe too

Joy Boy must've been an absolute monster where all the 20 ancient kingdom have to team up together to beat him

Oda stop with the blue balls show us Imu already lol
Kidd about to come back in the story like the strawhats after 3d2y :shocked:
It's interesting how this chap finally confirmed the theories that the war isn't over and it's just pending.
Joyboy sending apology letter to mermaid princess about not being able to fullfill the promise. And the whole Poneglyph stones, laugh tale Island and the one piece are set up by him.
As a guy who knows his defeat is coming and pre planned everything for the future to fullfill what he couldn't right now.

Kinda W moment he plan for himself (another Joyboy) to reclaim all his power/loot/treasure back so that this new Joyboy will finish the job......
Like you left off all your weapon and items in a secret place for your future self in 1000 years later to come back and reclaim it.
Roger was simply a helper who construct a bridge to link OG Joyboy and the new era Joyboy.
The will of D.

Imu probably knows all these and already prepared for the inevitable return of his greatest adversary.
The interesting thing is that how Joyboy knows another Joyboy is coming in next 1000 years, could he knows the future too that another person will be born again or it's his power that sets up all of this, including Luffy's birth lol.


Kitetsu Wanker
Also, we saw Joyboy fighting all the kings by himself. I guess Joyboy got ultimately jumped by everyone, even with ancient weapons against him, and that's how he lost.
Woah, woah, woah... I think you are jumping the gun here...
>Fighting all kings by himself...
It is just an illustration of two factions fighting the war...

Joyboy had Ancient Kingdom on his side and all Ancient Weapons belong to that side.
As you can see, even when WG got their hands on one of those weapons they are incapable of using it by themselves.
Joyboy was probably born during the war, it is unclear if he was even alive when it started.

So three gorosei are confirmed CoC users so far, two in this chapter.
They all are CoC users...
This was a no brainer the whole time since one of them has shown it.

"Lucci didn't land any hits on Zoro."

*While being carried on Jinbei's back*

Zoro: "Jinbei, how much longer till we get there?"

But Zoro did a better job than Luffy against Lucci..... Lmfao
As salty as always. :milaugh:
Just accept that Zoro does it all 100 times better than Luffy.