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Welcome to the House of Hope

-Text version
- We get more reactions from people listening to Vegapunk's podcast.
- Mars unleashes Haki to knock down the den den mushis
- Venus cuts down Labophase with 1 massive slash and releases the Seraphims
- VP says that the poneglyph contains registers of a battle that occurred during the Void Century. Also says it was a battle of ideals, and he can't say who's right or wrong.
- Void Century ended with JoyBoy's defeat.
- The battle caused the sea level to rise by 200 meters, which made continents get flooded. the islands people live in nowadays are mere fragments of these continents.
- The Ancient Weapons are waiting to be activated because this battle hasn't truly ended.
- Chapter ends with a panel of Imu listening to the podcast (doesn't say if its just silhouette or actual reveal).
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In text:
Chapter 1115 spoilers:
-We begin with more individuals listening to the Vegapunk's broadcast
-Vegapunk says that the poneglyphs are records of history that discuss a massive battle that occurred during the void century
-This includes a battle of ideals and Vegapunk cannont conclude who was right or who wrong in any case.
-Over on Egghead, Mars unleashes haki and many Den Den Mushi are knocked out, Nasjuro cuts Punk Records in half in 1 massive slash freeing Seraphim.
-Moving back to the broadcast Vegapunk continues saying the end of the void century was marked by the defeat of Joy Boy HOWEVER the battle during that period changed the landscape of the world greatly.
-You see the world had been filled with continents 1,000 thousand years ago, but during the void century the water levels raised by 200 meters.
-Vegapunk continues to say that we live on mere fragments of the continents that used to exist and the ancients weapons are still at play and are waiting to be activated because the Great War of the void century has not ended.
Lastly we end the chapter with a shot of Imu once again.


I will never forgive Oda
Spoilers from Goatac (not to be confused with Goatik).
  • Sanji appears in one panel this chapter, he’s thrown to the ground with Oimo by Nusjuro, as everyone attacks Nusjuro.
  • Kidd does not appear this chapter. We see the Fake Strawhat Pirates in jail dressing up as a the Kidd Pirates.
  • Fake Luffy is dressed up as Kidd.
  • Fake Zoro is dressed up as Heat.
  • Fake Sanji is dressed up as Killer.
  • We see Cross Guilds reaction to the news this chapter.


I will never forgive Oda
Goatac addendum #1;
  • We see Carrot & Zunisha this chapter as well.

Goatac addendum #2;
  • We see Zoro & Jinbe this chapter. Jinbe is carrying Zoro on his shoulder so Zoro can recover his strength. We see Nami communicating (& coordinating) with Jinbe over a Den Den Mushi.

Goatac addendum #3;
@TheAncientCenturion Nothing on Bonney stomping on Nusjuro?
We do see all this play out in an action scene;

Oimo & Sanji are sent flying (by an off panel attack)
Kashii grabs Nusjuro's tail and Bonney is about to stomp him.
Nusjuro kicks Kashii to free himself, swings at Bonney but Franky saves her, grabbing her and ducking right before they're hit.
The swing that misses Bonney cuts the Labophase.

Nami : ジンベエまだ!?
Jinbei : すまんもう着く!!
Zoro : 謝る事ねェだろジンベエこっちも...
Nami : 何か言った!? クロ! あんた後でシバくわよ


Nami : Jinbei, are you there yet?!
Jinbei : Sorry, we're almost there!!
Zoro : There's no need to apologize, Jinbei, we're also...
Nami : Did you say something?! Zoro! I'm going to smack you later.

Nothing about recovering the strength in Zoro's dialogue , so Leakers making shits ups.
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