Kidd greatness this chapter?

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Thi chapter also proves that Nusjuro was holding back so much, that even Franky who is not known to be really fast (while Nusjuro is an established top tier speedster) could intercept/keep up with him

No wonder that with a sneak attack Sanji could
Things went differently when he fought from the front...

holding back while being in his hybrid form while being in the emergency situation and keeps seething about how much he hates these people?

So far the only person who is canonically holding back there is Sanji since he doesn't even bother activating his genes
Oda actually is a lurker of WG.
II remember talking about how stupid the story is that they never use proper obs haki to pinpoint location of something (snails here) or just use CoC to knock them all out.....

Well even now nothing worked :beckmoji:
Joyboy was a hotshot 900 years ago, group of people impersonated him and do bad things. (Demaro black impersonated Luffy, now he is thinking about impersonating Joyboy)

Luffy is liberating people from tyranny rule. WG goes all-in trying to eliminate him. (Battle between two ideologies)

Blackbeard is plotting to destroy the world was completely ignored by the Gorosei and Whitebeard. WG will continue fighting Luffy and don't know what is going to hit the Earth.

The person who has Blackbeard power 900 years ago has something to do with Joyboy's identity and responsible for the use of ancient weapons causing the rise of sea water. He was also completely ignored by Joyboy and the 20 kings.

Blackhole is invisible and destructive. Blackbeard is going to end this ideology war zehahaha.
But Mountain> part at of a Little Island as well as Stone > cloud.

Zoro probably could do something similar with the HK already.
Really, if one wants to hype Topman, ok, but hyping this Is just agenda.
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Yeah, It's a small Island thing.

Finally this choreo is real.
You guys are ruthless :mrgo:
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