Kidd greatness this chapter?

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Sanjino fanboys trying to cover their idol being humiliated by a casual Nusjuro with the "see the Fake Sanji is masked by Killer while the Fake Zoro was masked by Heat, implying that Real Sanji > Real Zoro"

Lmao, that's simply because Fake Sanji has already blonde hair like Killer
But yeah Sanjino fanboys can keep being stuck with gags... the rest of the world goes by serious and consistent established portrayal

Landi is the king of rats. All his attacks have at least some significance (minimal) when he suddenly attacks. He suddenly attacked Seraphim, Saturn, Gandhi and Kiara. As soon as attention is paid to it, we receive. Lanji freezes in the mud from one kick of Kizaru with his hands in his pockets. Gandhi sent lanji to lie in the mud with one bite. Saturn caught Sanji in COC paralysis at the top of the chapter. Garbage can only benefit by attacking like a rat. The Rat King of Lanji.
this arc is basically a training arc for Luffy he got his awakening but again depended on his DF now he can see that his DF alone is not enough. those mosnters has better Haki than him so he will be more motivated to train and use his haki more
I also wanna mention that despite Venus Feat indicating Insane Strength
It's not as Rare as People think

Streusen did it in Whole Cake Island, despite being way Past his Prime & He is way Older than Roger Gen
But Unfortunately He doesn't get the Credit He deserves

Even Pre-TS, We were seeing T-Bone who was Marine HQ Captain Cutting a Sea King in Half who was Five Times Size of Sea Train, so you can imagine what Stronger Characters can do, let alone Top Tiers

Oda repeating these Cutting Feats Post-TS with Zoro, Law, Streusen, S-Hawk, Venus ... etc
Only means that He intends to show something even Crazier
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