Kidd greatness this chapter?

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Joy Boy's view: Everyone on the world should get what they want, be able to eat how much hey want and always be joyfull.

WG view: Constant joy will become boring in the long run and will halt process. Humanity needs an amount of suffering with some glimses of joy and hope, to keep them improving themself and working for a greater goal.


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
One side : Believe they are the Gods of the world and can enslave the world

Other side: Believe in Freedom and Equality for all

Vegapunk : This is an clash between ideals and neither side is right or wrong ..


Perhaps it's because

1) Luffy wants freedom to do anything - even though freedom is necessary but a world where everyone has freedom with no control will create chaos.

Equality yes but absolute freedom with no balance is anarchy.

2)WG wants to have orderly world - a world of balance of power to have order but it got corrupted and resulted into slavery, hierarchy and too controlling.

It led to more of an authoritarian rule.

So, both are right and both are wrong - thus the conclusion neither side is right nor wrong.

However, it's possible that AK was not under Joyboy's control but under someone else who was abusing the power and Joyboy sailed to the seas for freedom like Luffy did.
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