One piece chapter 1116: Conflict

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Theres no way the Marines can remain loyal to WG if they buy the idea of sunking the world

a gorvt Civil war?
There’s no way the WG isn’t going to blame this on the pirates… Vegapunk just said that Joyboy passed down the ancient weapons and that he was a pirate and that a few pirates in the world know the true history.

The marines will never know the truth.
I know people throw around the term "Reaction Piece" a lot, and even though I'm not a fan of reaction shots either and thought they were at their worst during Wano, I think it actually works in this case. These are earth-shattering news, and getting to see every character again from throughout the story really makes it more impactful. :pepelit:
“We’re sorry that the people of lulusia were destroyed. Now no one knows what happened, but it truly is a shame that because of a few rebel terrorists, we the World Government weren’t able to provide aid to the few survivors. And for that we are sorry. We hope to find the pirates that are responsible before any other island falls like lulusia.”