One piece chapter 1116: Conflict

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Wait, why do people think Akainu is going to betray the WG and change side?

He seems angry at Vegapunk not about the revelations.

Are we going to pretend he doesn't know the Gorosei and the CDs are scumbags.

He just thinks pirates are worst and from Vegapunk explanation, he doesn't say which side is right or wrong so why would he change his mind ?
Only delusional LadmiraLtards believe this


✌𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓢𝓲𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓲𝓽𝔂 𝓸𝓯 𝓛𝓲𝓯𝓮✌
The problem with this chapter isn't that there is no action. The problem is that we had to endure such a long setup just so that Vegapunk could get on the mic and barely say anything that we didn't already know anyway. You would expect at least some huge revelation but all we got is "the sea level might rise". That's why this chapter is dogshit
VP message isn't meant for us, we cab easily deduce what's happening by following the story his message is for the people within the story

It's a story to us but look at it from rhe the point of view of fhe people within the story, it's their life

That's the point of th3se chapters to tell the truth to the people of the world
Headcanon after this chapter: Joyboy wanted to terraform the entire planet.
He wanted to sink the world using the ancient weapons he created to make the all blue reality to get better sea food.
Also Joyboy was ally of the fishmen, and the fishmen would profit from an ocean planet. Maybe his apology at fishmen island was for his failure to raise the sea level only by 200 meters. He lead the construction of the arc Noah to only rescue the allied tribes of his.
So Joyboy was evil and an enemy of humankind and ally of Fishmen/Skyislanders/Giants/Lunarians...

Why else would Oda throw the "Moral Ambiguty of the War" into our faces again and again?

The 20 kings seem rightfully upset about Joyboys breeding of the ancient weapons.
Vegapunk sounds like he doesn't know that the world government destroyed Lulusia? I am confused.
He knew motherflame was stolen. He knew WG/Gorosie got it (as per dork/york) and he also said it was used to fuel an ancient weapon which was then used on lulisia kingdom. And then proceeds to say I DoNt KnOw who used it bcz fuck it, Flood!
(If i read the chapter right)
Some quick analysis of the chapter
Pg 1: Who cares about Yamato? The sumo guy is there but he should be in the same lava pit as Big Mom and Kaido for being a creepy douche.

Pg 2: Koza cameo in the first panel (he's wearing plad). The quote of "No one from back then is even alive today" is placed alongside Imu, suggesting that Imu has been around since the Void Century. Though the source of the quotes is ambiguous. Imu's chambers are intriguing as they are lined with flowers while keeping the architectural style seen throughout Pangea Castle. There's also a portrait of Lili(?) so perhaps the other 19 founders are framed.

Pg 3: Pell is sitting around where he should've been since Alabasta, a grave. This is the same tomb visited by Crocodile, Robin, Luffy, and Cobra.

Pg 4-5: We actually see some downtrodden citizens reacting positively to Vegapunk's news of possible infinite energy, showing that energy is an issue in the world beyond statements. The Mother Flame was covertly handed over to the Gorosei by York. Perhaps some of the Cipher Pol visits were meant for handing the Mother Flame off? Interestingly, Edison is able to immediately identify the monstrous creatures as Elders. As usual, Vegapunk knows more than suspected.

Pg 6: The nicest surprise of 1115 and 1116 was Stussy's involvement. She can't let go of her loyalty to Vegapunk, and Edison needs to give her permission to live her own life. Despite ambushing her comrades, she still cares for them.

Pg 7: We have 3 of the Revolutionary deputy commanders on this page. Can you name them? Will they ever be relevant? There's an appropriate cameo by Vice Admiral Comil, the commander of the G2 base near Lulusia. Elizabello is also back, and confirms to the audience that Lulusia's destruction has been hidden, even from world leaders.

Pg 8: The citizens of Karakuri are the first to forgive Vegapunk, though this might be because that's his homeland. Crocodile also seems to be fine, so the attack on the Cross Guild has either been repelled, or has yet to occur.

Pg 9: I wish we got more from Tsuru and Sengoku instead of a brief gag. Though it implies a level of stress, there isn't much more to read into.

Pg 10: While not immediately obvious, the implications of this page are massive. Vegapunk is subtly revealing that the truths of the Void Century await at Laugh Tale. This is certainly going to intensify the race for the One Piece, so update your theories for the final war now!

Pg 11: The answer for why Vegapunk paid attention to Lulusia, despite (probably) not knowing about York's theft is either Dragon telling him there was a disaster there, or Stussy leaking information. Also, is Ju Peter trying to rescue the Cipher Pol agents, or kill them for gazing up his true form?

Pg 12: Surprise surprise, the snail was hidden in the Iron Giant the whole time. I got sick of the Giant being teased and doing nothing, but maybe Oda was trying to clue readers in about its importance. Enough people were speculating this anyways. It's fun to make guesses, but this is a case where the reveals become flaccid since people predicted it ahead of time.

Pg 13: Rayleigh's characterization here almost comes off as Oda talking to the audience. You're finally getting answers, but not how you expected. Once there is nothing left to speculate about, some of the fun vanishes
I just noticed that Sengoku is on a battleship, bro is having his last meal before going against Mihawk.
Oda's gonna do Sengoku the same way he did Garp without the beating everyone part. :ronalugh:
Headcanon after this chapter: Joyboy wanted to terraform the entire planet.

So Joyboy was evil and an enemy of humankind and ally of Fishmen/Skyislanders/Giants/Lunarians...
Yeah taht's why all his allies can be enslaved now or annihilated ( fishmen, ancient buccanneer, skypeople, minks ).

Its a good point that Joy boy was more friend with all races except pur humans.

Joyboy is a warrior of liberation but for non humans.
New Joyboy is a warrior for everybody.

But for me, terraforming was creating redline that flood everything.
Fishmen are trapped below, no more easy navigation.

If Luffy will destroy redline i think Joyboy tried too.

Ancient weapons were given by Joyboy to destroy redline and make one continent donut again with all blue in the middle
We can make some very good analytical revelations here:

First York mentiones that the timeline is messed up and she cannot come up with why Vegapunk knew the mother flame had been partly stolen and was being used on Lulusia. In other words: If the Stellar had known of Lulusia being destroyed with the help of the mother-flame, York would have known too. But the Stellar showed genuine surprise that York was a traitor - so he did not know of her betrayal. This means that at the time of York’s revelation of being the traitor, Vegapunk had not known that the mother-flame was used on Lulusia and that York had stolen it (Note: Oda left it also open, when Vegapunk came to know that part of the flame was stolen. In his message the Stellar did not specify when he noticed it missing.). This means he must have found out about the mother flame being used on Lulusia during the time-skip.

Which brings me to the next little thing, that we now have to look at:

In his recorded message to the world however, the Stellar apologizes for being part in the destruction of Lulusia. Since he did not know that the mother flame was used to destroay Lulusia beforehand, and learned about it during the time-skip, Vegapunk must have also recorded the message during the time-skip. Otherwise he would not have apologized to the world for his involvement in that sad incident. This means that Shaka and Phytagoras are still alive, as we see them recording the message with the Stellar.

What is strange however is the fact that Vegapunk in his recorded message is missing the band aid on his forehead, which he had, when the time-skip had ended and we saw him with the whole crew again in chapter 1089.

Either this is a mistake by Oda or the Stellar did record the message earlier, but didn’t tell York. In this case it is questionable, if Vegapunk knew that there was someone in his near vicinity, who was betraying him and therefore did not share all information with all his Satellites. Who the Stellar knew he was able to trust is another question, we would need to have an answer for - in that case.

But in case option number one is correct:

We still have the fact that the snail is with the giant robot. Interesting is that the robot is in the Fabrio-phase, not in the Labo-phase. This is important, since we have to consider something very strange:

Stellar was not aware of York being a traitor. So, until she revealed herself as being one, Vegapunk shared everything with her through sychronisation of their thoughts/brains. If Vegapunk had hidden the transponder snail within the giant before this revelation, York would have already known, where it was. This was not the case, so the snail must have been hidden after York was revealed to be a traitor - and therefore deemed untrustworthy. This means that during the time, the snail was hidden, the barrier was either up and locked with York’s code-word – in this case someone in the Fabrio-phase could have helped with putting it with the giant. But this begs the question, how the snail or information could have come through the barrier to reach this someone?

Or the snail could have been hidden with the robot after the barrier had come down. In this case, we need to know, who it was, who hid it with the giant, because everyone Oda depicted had not done so. This means that an unknown party did hide the snail. And we know that an undefined party was already giving Luffy food.
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Kakuz Lucci, Stussy, Kizaru sacrifice to save others? It looks like Kaku is on the path to get redeemed
Kaku always seemed redeemable, Lucci def isn't redeemable though, bloodlust is in his very nature. The situation is dire, otherwise he would off Stussy on site.