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My prediction is Koby will try to convince Smoker to head back to Hachinosu and save Garp. After Egghead, on their way to Elbaf, Nami or Robin will reveal to Luffy that Garp was missing in Hachinosu, so Luffy, Zoro and Sanji will decide to go to Hachinosu while the other half of the crew will go to Elbaf (Robin and Usopp will go).

This way we will have BB's arc, and then Elbaf. (Like WCI and Wano).
No we aren't, the whole point of this arc is to escape, Zoro will have his clash against Nusjuro but then something will happen and the fight will get interrupted.

Zoro will have his really full on fight with Nusjuro in the future, none of the Gorosei are going to be defeated in this arc.

Also finally no matter what cope you try to bring, Zoro as of now can't do anything against Nusjuro, Zoro can slice of Nusjuro's body all he wants but he will keep regenerating like nothing.

Don't get too greedy.
It amazing that people not see this clash arc .
Fucking luffy who gets the longest fights in arcs, main fight was a chapter and half .
If people think Zoro going full fight vs Nusjuro now they kidding there self.
So as most people suspected the broadcast was ended before Vegapunk got to drop an even crazier lore reveal

Sad but we all knew what was coming

On the bright side it's looking like the arc will end pretty soon

The broadcast is over and the Gorosei focusing on the Ancient Robot gives everyone time to escape

Elbaf here we come
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