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Finally we're moving on from Broadcast Piece - that shit was straight ass. All we learned is that the world is sinking, Rayleigh's still drunk and Dragon's still useless. Waste of everyone's time.

Zoro vs Venus is peak, however. Finally we get to see Zoro show whether he's actually Admiral level or just YC1+. WorstGen is gonna be comedy gold for the next few weeks :finally:
If it is truly over, VP's speech ended up being so trash. The only real reveal happened right at the start lmao, all these past chapters were glorified fillers lmao
I never expected Oda to reveal major stuff before the final arc but at the same time, I was expecting a bit more when it comes to Vegapunk's message.

At the very least I thought Vegapunk would reveal that the WG or Gorosei are evil but nope.

Vegapunk wasted the beginning of the brodcast for some coffee and then at the very end of the brodcast, he decided to rant on the Roger Pirates.

Vegapunk is smart but also a fucking idiot.

Foul Legacy

I swear to god , Egghead piece without Broadcast piece and flashback piece had the potential to be the peak.
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