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Retard you really had the gall to tag me yesterday lol

I told you it was gonna be a short clash. But you fuckers got overloaded on copium.

Suffer the consequences of being so dumb as to get baited by Tacy lmao
Zoro will distract Nusjuro for a little bit and then both he and Jinbe will then escape.

ZBoys need to accept reality that Zoro is not defeating Nusjuro in this arc.

Also it seems like maybe Zoro and Jinbe might escape with the Giants along with Luffy, Sanji, Franky, and Bonney, while the rest of the SHs along with Lilith escape on the Thousand Sunny.
Loby the one injured the most despite not being hit once. What weak garbage.

Smoker is literally pulling an Aokiji but clowns are saying he isn't meant to fight Kuzan. @SakazOuki

Drake back. VA not being useless.

Overall amazing chapter. Kizaru greatness to come.

Fuck Koby Lmaoooo
Kohy injured the most? Cuz he put in the most work while being deprived of water food etc lol. And notice how he still isn't even injured badly based on spoilers. Dude is up thinking about ways to level up. Drake is pittying himself. Smoker is smoking
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