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Kitetsu Wanker
They couldn't do that cause they not built like Ryuma, Zoro and Mihawk. They were not carried by then cause they have to bent it to their will to consistently use it. Your literally talking nonesense lol. It's like Someone having mastering Ryou completely but don't have advance Ryou. Also you Don't know what it takes to make a black blade. RTLT literally said it's not Haki only
It isn't nonsense... Think about it. All you said can be applied to Devil Fruits too.
You have to bend them to your will and make them work for you, just like what you said for swords...
But that is the pleb stage. Strong ones carry the DFs to higher levels by Awakening them, when they catch up with body and mind(haki).

And Mihawk told us that will(haki) is what it takes to stop getting carried by the sword and carry the sword instead.
All non-Kokuto users weren't strong enough to bypass weapon's original rank and lift them higher.
Only 3 swordbois are. Maybe "carried" is the wrong word for you but you get what I mean...
Some are still trying to claiming Zoro is slow after he just blizted a character who matched G5 FS Luffy and who's speed was hyped up by Dr. Vegapunk who spent time with Kizaru.


The cope is real for the haters.
Considering Aokiji mastered Haki in his spare time, I would sure fucking hope Zolo, as a Haki main, can match retired Kuzan’s Haki lmfao

But anyway, Zolo clashing with Pissjulo will be his all time best feat. If two Haki mains can’t even beat the Haki of two retired Marines, sword swallowers can kiss Zolo’s hopes of reaching retired Admiral level by EOS goodbye lmfao
You are literally vomitings words on my screen and not listening.

Zoro alone, NOT IN A CLASH, produces Black Lightening far bigger than that on average, not even with his strongest attacks. Ad Black Lightening generally becomes a lot bigger in a clash.

Poke Mom merchants can't even match Luffy's Haki, don't even try to compare them to Zoro.
And Shanks didn't try to attack Teach for a reason when Teach wasn't even in his prime yet. Keep getting debunked you little bitch, retarded morons like you comparing Zolo with Teach is pure comedy. :gokulaugh:
Why don't you go back to arguing about Blackbeard having acoc based on the anime, it's perfect for you
Not open for further replies.