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so if Sanji is seen fine next time, you will admit that Venus can't injure Sanji?

if not for Hiyori, Pinzoro would be dead from 1 mere stab

what are we doing here exactly?

Sanji was always running there. Remember? The plan they had with Luffy?

Zeus' goal was to take out S-Shark, he said it didn't work because S-Shark was not taken out.
Doens't mean S-Shark was not damaged.

This is like claiming that Luffy did not damage Saturn just because he said nothing he does work on Saturn,
Saturn was damaged by Luffy but he regened.
1. When did Zues say he trying to take him out with one attack. Bro shut your clown ass up. Noting in the story says the Seraphim were hurt. Other than your fanfiction. Saturn has Regen you dumbass. When SH figure out how to permanently damage them Oda going to make it perfectly clear. Just like he did with King, Kaido, BM etc...
Lmfao Vegapunks message was shit we already knew and when he finally gets to something that would be new, important information the message gets cut off hahahaha. You can't make this shit up (well, Oda did)
What a bunch of horseshit. this whole arc is trash
It's so bad, even Odas biggest dickriders on r/onepiece are finally pissed off and trashing it too. He even broke his biggest fanboys, his cultists lmfao.

Just need the biggest YouTubers to turn heel on him openly and ultimately and I along with Drizzt will experience nirvana/enlightenment levels of catharsis.
Maybe the most complete fighter in the series will finally reach an opponent in time without a boost one day.
But that day is not today, since dressrosa, which was 10 years ago.

Let's see now.

(1) Zoro has Jimbei throw him at Nasjuro's slash, stops and blocks it easily. Then clashes equally with him, saving the fodder crewmates behind him and the ship.

Compare that to:

(2) Sanji failing to keep vegapunk alive. Sneaking Nasjuro when he's focused on Bonney. Getting one-shot 1 panel later. Then needing to get saved by 2 giants and a 12 year old child. Bonney survives due to franky helping her.
Which is the only reason (1) happened.

I do see why the Runji rats are focused on the "doro no phast hurr durr" cope.
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