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At this point, his DPS is up there with Kaido and Shanks, but he is average to below average in every other stat

I mean he needed to be thrown by Jimbo just to cover a small distance

I'm just going to say it Shishio, Zoros become something of a glass cannon
Endurance above Luffy by Far
Durability above Shanks
Armamnet Haki above All Yonkou with exception of Shanks
Conqueror's Haki above Kaido and Big Mom and comparable to Luffy
Speed comparable to Nika

Man is Master of all trades and lacks nothing.
Dude that shit looks like Divine Departure
Are you basing that on the size of the black lightning? Because the technique is not similar to Divine Departure. Zoro would not have needed Jinbei to throw him if he did something similar to Shanks's Divine Departure.

Now black lightning sizes, I just don't think Oda is consistent with that. However, I swear, somewhere on this forum, there was a discussion of skinny black lightning = Coc and thicker black lightning = ACoc.
I fucking love egghead because Oda is pretty clear with exposing Sanji as Mid Trio Fodder he is that isn't even worth a top tier's attention. Get tossed to side by Bite from Gandhi, Get one kicked by Kizaru and literally stared diffed by Saturn. And man has literally been given worse treatment than Franky, or at best equal.

He also established Zoro as a lot more competent than Luffy in both Lucci battle and Gorosei encounters.
I literally couldn't have asked for a better Arc.
Like holy fuck
Dude Sanji falling to the ground is no different from Zoro getting pushed back

He pushed Nusjuro back as well, on the other hand, Sanji landed a hit on Nusjuro and it looked like he felt

U just mad cuz u cant admit Sanji is that guy
Of course, Kaido was reacting to and blitzing G5 Luffy who was keeping up with Light man Kizaru.

Again Zoro speed blitzed a holding back Kaido lol.

Also Zoro is a speed demon as well with his attacks, its not a notch against Kaido. Zoro is just that fast.
Yes but Nasujuro>>>>
Luffy wasn't keeping up with anything lightspeed. G4 got negged and G5 was barely managing anything when Kizaru wasn't focused.
The only thing he needs to do for that is an adv CoC clash with someone else.
If no one dares to have a serious clash with zoro, it's not his fault.

Maybe sanji can sho- oh right. Bro doesn't have CoC at all
He just had that this very chapter buddy, and still, Oda decided not to have him sky split, wonder why that is:shame:
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