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Gol D. Roger

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In the leaks, if you can't see something that's extremely visible then I'd advise you perform an eye test.
I'd ask of you to do the same unless you explain which part of the panel looked like he used ACoC. Is it the lightning effect? Leaking from the sword? or the name of the attack? I can show you ample of panels where we can clearly see the lightning effect and peeps still refused to accept it as ACoC, like, when Kizaru blocked Luffy's kick. If that what it is, then you might as well start defending Luffy for failing overpower Kizaru's Hakiless guard with ACoC.

I can totally agree that CoC used here. But whether it's used in the form of coating or not is different story altogether. Using regular attacks along with a passive CoC blast results in black lightning too.

Splitting this guy has nothing to do with power level. It's just two unyielding will and opposing ideas clashing.

Kaido and Big Mom split the sky yet he wasn't sure if she still had the power to perform hakai, which Zoro blocked. So either splitting the sky has nothing to do with power or rooftop Zoro blocked a combo attack that's beyond sky splitting level. The choice is yours.

Will is literally power in one piece, bruh. it's been 1.1k, learn that shit already, LMAO.

It was literally classic sh*t talk. it's just you zoroturds not able to read at all :suresure::suresure:
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