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Down for two chapters where he doesn't even appear is crazy

When Sanji falls to the ground, Nusjuro proceeds to attack Bonney, Franky saves her, at this moment everyone can tell Sanji might be recovering from the bite so he is incapacitated for a while, while Nusjuro he cuts up Punk Records in half. The sequence doesn't last long

And thats it, Sanji only reappeared now and he had stuff to do, such as carry Vegapunk's body and protect Bonney like he has been doing for quite a while for many chapters.
Sanji sure did a great job carrying a corpse that is literally not even seen when he reappears. Also did a great job protecting Bonney, seeing as Franky, Oimo and Kashi had to do it for him and then Zoro and Jinbe had to stop Nusjuro from molesting Nami Chopper Usopp and Lilith
also Kidd used a figure of speech because if you check the raw you will never find the words “one” and “second”

you will find the word “moment”

1 second isn’t meant to be taken literally

Ok, so you know better than the official. and they added a whole ass context without it being there :pepelit:
First of all it's not just "1 second" strictly speaking.
What Kidd really said is "for a moment".

*Kidd says: 一でも = Even if for a moment.
If he had said "second" then the Kanji would be 秒 instead of

So Kidd talks about a moment. It's not 1 second literally.
It was just an expression, pretty much like when someone say "give me just one second".
Does that means that he's literally asking for just another 1 second?
No, clearly that's not the case. Here's the same
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