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"Pretty casual" entire fucking Sunny is emanating CoC and Efhan is literally flipped.

Meanwhile Bite Diffed fodder Sanji is too scared to stop even casual CoC less attack.

And notice how Ethan Doesn't even bother blocking Sanjis bitch ass or Saturn doesn't bother blocking luffy's bits.

This literally proves once again Zoro SHITS ON LUFFY.

Ethan clearly scared this would do real damage to him so he has to block.

@Embers Kaios @Fujishiro @Monkey D Theories
Basically you’re saying sanji is stronger than zoro

knew you’d see the light champ
Not Counting King of Hell
Not Counting Sword-Dragon Style [Adv. CoC]
Not Counting Asura

Zoro in New World so far:

Enhanced Tatsu Maki against New Fish-Men Pirates Shield Squad ---> Overkill
Enhanced Oni Giri against Hyouzou ---> Overkill
Enhanced Tora Gari to Stop Punk Hazard Dragon's Charge ---> Countered It
Enhanced Shishi Sonson against Punk Hazard Dragon ---> Overkill
Enhanced Sanzen Sekai against Pica's Golem ---> Overkill
Enhanced Oni Giri against Kamazo ---> Overkill
Enhanced Oni Giri against Kaidou ---> Got Praised by Kaidou
Enhanced Tatsu Maki against Kaidou ---> Cut his Dragon Scales [Big Mom was Shocked]
Enhanced Oni Giri against King ---> Lunarian Flames On
Enhanced Tora Gari to Stop King's Charge ---> Countered It [Lunarian Flames On]
Enhanced Oni Giri against S-Hawk ---> Lunarian Flames On
Enhanced Shishi Sonson against S-Hawk ---> Lunarian Flames On
Enhanced Hyo Kindama against Lucci ---> Overkill
Enhanced Rashomon against Venus ---> Panel speaks for itself

For those who don't realize yet, these Techniques are for Zoro the Equivalent of Sanji using Diable Jambe Versions of his Techniques or Luffy using Gear 2 Version of his Techniques, and you can clearly notice the Massive Difference.
Mihawk created a Monster! Unless you have Lunarian Flame On Mode, you should Run

Zoro came out of TS as a Top Tier
As a Master Swordsman, He never uses his Techniques unless He finds a reason to
And so far, Only Characters He met & their Presence caught his Interest were an Admiral, Yonko & Gorosei
He has 0 Interest in High Tiers & Below, i'd say even Low Top Tiers don't Interest him, only Admirals & Higher
First of all it's not just "1 second" strictly speaking.
What Kidd really said is "for a moment".

*Kidd says: 一でも = Even if for a moment.
If he had said "second" then the Kanji would be
秒 instead of

So Kidd talks about a moment. It's not 1 second literally.
It was just an expression, pretty much like when someone say "give me just one second".
Does that means that he's literally asking for just another 1 second?
No, clearly that's not the case. Here's the same
So he blocked attack for a second/s which brought Law enough time to shambles everyone.

Adding so much unnecessary context to achieve the same result...

Sanji fans are the most delusional people i swear lol

Sanji got bite diffed by a casual Nusjuro in a 4vs1 while Nusjuro got blown back by Zoro lmao
Where is the bite damage u dumb duck, literally up seconds later no damage

While pinzoro sweating vs 1 hand nesu Sanji blitzed and damaged him with a corpse on his back :milaugh:
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