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Zoro tears Kaido apart.
This is stronger than Ashura that gave Kaido Oden treatment and it isn't even Zoro's Strongest Attack.

And this is far from Zoro's Strongest Attack.
Mean while even at End of Story Sanji won't have an attack that can do this much damage to Kaido with his non-existent Haki and Daddy Judge Genes.
Wanna know what happened to kaido the first time zoro used ashura? Do i need to refresh you?
Portrayal above Sanji?
Zoro one shot murdered fresh Lucci who is clearly stronger than Sanji.

Sanji isn't even in the league with Roof top Zoro, even loses to Dressrosa Zoro.
And Zoro has all the stats on Yonko Level, but perhaps low end like Luffy.
Sanji had up to this point arguably better feats with clashing with Kizaru and Nasjuro who are stronger than Lucci. With this chapter I'd say Zoro has edged it.

I'm not really going to entertain your other comments about Sanji vs Dressrosa Zoro I don't really care about this. Zoro still has a few steps to go to show he is a similar level to Luffy.

For a fair assessment we need at least Zoro to beat characters on that level to prove that.

Luffy has beat both Kaido and Kizaru which we can both agree are top tiers. Let's wait until Zoro beats a top tier before we call him one otherwise set a precedent of calling anyone who clashes with someone a top tier. Does Vista = Mihawk? That's my point.
I dont know bro, I have this issue with him being above Roger because it would invalidate Luffys dream of surpassing Roger if there is already someone stronger then him running around. It just doesnt make sense narratively.
My opinion is slightly different.

Luffy's dream has to be bigger than Zoro's, that much I must agree with, but on one hand we have:
- Luffy's secret dream that the crew and his brothers knows but we don't, that surprised everyone even though they already knew he wanted to be PK and surpass Roger, so it's something beyond Roger.
- Roger "failed to be Joyboy", no disrespect to his character, but by surpassing Joyboy and defeating Imu Luffy will surpass people even greater than Roger.

That leaves Mihawk room to be stronger than Roger but still not top 1 in the story.
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