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Because no top tier would have issue with King. Zoro always hit above his weight class but you need more then good AP to be a top tier.

Also I am one of the few people who think Zoro was artificially buffed after Dressrossa like a lot of characters to be able to deal with the raid. Couple it with his week of training before the raid and you can explain his rooftop feats without headcanoning that he was way stronger then Luffy at the start of the time skip, that just doesnt make sense and Oda would never do it narratively.
Doesnt matter, EOS Teach will be stronger than Roger
Saying he is not a danger for current Zoro is a massive downplay bro
The fact that he can weakened Garp so much just with single nameless stab. Garp went from "let's go out from this place" before the stab into "you guys leave this place, I am doomed here" past the stab
He was already Magellan's equal before timeskip. During timeskip we know Blackbeard Pirates got stronger just like the Straw Hats but thing is Shiryu left timeskip without Suke Suke so we know his timeskip power up is not about Suke Suke: it is about Haki, and look at Luffy and Zoro's growth with haki power up.
Now add Suke Suke no Mi and Blackbeard has exact reason why he picked that fruit while skipping the likes of Marco and Jozu's fruit. He will be at least Mid Top Tier.
I would like that Shiryu is just a monster haki user, but I am not so confident with current Loda that this fight gona deliver (I hope that the fight aint becoming a Pica 2.0 in which Shiryu is just evading Zoro)
Okay well I am sorry, it is too late here and I am just testing out the new laptop I bought.
We'll have much better and fair discussion some other time but I think the examples you mentioned are very unfair.

What you can say is that on the lower end Zoro has shown Yonko Level stuff like matching top tiers, one shotting YC1 level character but on the high end he hasn't PROVEN that he can hang at top tier level.

And I suppose it is a fair assessment.
Tbf I'd agree to the point that Zoro has a very good claim to give Yonkos individually a tough fight based off this feat. So yeah I'd say right now Zoro is on the very edge of the tier just below top tier only thing holding him back is a win over a top tier or a substantial fight with one 1 v 1 if you get me.
do you think we will get an update for the bounty after this arc?

If yes who is getting an increase and how much do you think is the current bounty for each strawhat?
Idk about that, honestly, the Strawhats did fucking nothing the whole arc.
What did Luffy accomplish here? Did he defeat a Gorosei? No. Did he defeat an Admiral? No. Did they successfully protect the VP? Also no.
I'd say Luffy's appearance made it easier for the Gorosei to find the stream's source.
Again you don't like because it debunks you notice how I don't call Jozu top tier despite him blocking a top tier the point has gone over your head but I'm not surprised.
Zoro didn't block a top tier tho, Oda has made a big deal of AdvCoC Being end all be all an he matched top tiers AdvCoC in a point blank clash making top tier exert great deal of effort and get flipped back while both their Haki's canceling each other out.

That can't be compared to Hakiless flying slash not aimed at diamond blocked by diamond body. That's like Bartolomeo fruit used to block Oden slash.

What Zoro did isn't some situational ability. He matched top tier of similar fighting style as him and both got equal treatment.
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