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Did zero dmg to Oden
shanks komusari >>>>Roger Komusari
performing an attack can be strong or weak depends on how the attacker means it. it is not like Roger hated Oden or wanted his life and Oden was not about to take many lifes who are friends of Roger. Shanks was enraged when he saw the future, when Kid naturally Shanks was not showing any mercy.
But he win btw people that are used to powerscale and go into the discussions of thess topics. The people who are not into the deep of these discussions probably will put Shanks above him. And you know that is very common. Mihawk wins in this forum because this forum is about powerscalling basically. But maybe you are right. Perhaps Oda makes Mihawk looks like the goat in this final saga
No I am talking about Casual Polls with 100K Plus votes on YouTube.
Casual Fan opinion is that current Shanks >= Mihawk > Kaido and others.
Shanks one shotted a guy weaker than Zoro, while Roger clapped a way stronger than Zoro, that's the difference.
Chapter 1035 Zoro stomps Oden that scarred Kaido.
Roger damaged a much weaker version of Oden who Dressrosa Zoro stomps.

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Yet King was taken out by someone who is a plant great super magma powers there.
Extremely nerfed.
Sanji's first meeting with a Gorosei ⬇️

GETS EYE DIFFED and trashed for like 10 chapters, no better than Atlas and Franky

Zoro's first meeting with a Gorosei ⬇️

The Gorosei (the same who is a Haki monster, the same who can casually cut an island) tries to overpower him with Adv CoC... THE GOROSEI CAN'T
They clash equally and get sent flying the same

I don't even

Zoro clashed equally with a top tier who actively tried to overpower him, but couldn't
All this with black lightning and everything

I don't even

Kizaru took no damage? Bro was seeing stars lying down on floor after first-round.

After second round he retired - and still hasn't showed up.

If a yonkou would have gotten this treatment then you would be all over yonkou fans so keep your hypocrisy to yourself and save us with hypocritic take.

And, sanji took no damage because he can brainer yet all Venus needed was a bite (not even a sword) to throw sanji aside.

And, here we have Zoro pushing Venus back with haki clash.. and a named attack from Venus as well.

you know what - go back home and take a pencil and write one piece down because you clearly stopped making sense so perhaps need to write it down to understand what's happening in the manga anymore :suresure:
"Took no damage because he can heal" are you even listen to urself 😭
I swear pinzorofans are so retarded, spent weeks saying Sanji took damage just for this chapter to crush their hopes and dreams :milaugh:
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