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“Low tier YC2” 💀💀💀 the Sanji hate is CRAAAAZYYYY!

Anyways Sanji, a 21 yesr old 5’11 man tanked a godzilla sized monster’s bite with 0.000000000% damsge in BASE form with no eye brow switch

That clown is really low tier compared to your usual YC2 like Jozu, Ace, Aokiji

No, again the damage has been healed because he happens to be Judge's son, he has regeneration

@RayanOO do you agree with this clown denying Queen is low tier among YC2, or even worse you agree Sanji got no damage from Nusjuro's bite (that already held back by the Giants btw)
So how did Nusjuro see Zoro who was launched by Jimbei coming when he was busy attacking the Sunny while he couldnt see Sanji coming when he was attacking Bonney and the Giants?
Sanji literally announced his bitch ass but why would Venus care?
He literally doesn't even acknowledge Sanji's presence.
They know Sanji can't do shit.

Venus was probably scared Zoro's slash would do unhealable damage that's why he blocked.
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