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Lazy is the way
@RayanOO do you agree with this clown denying Queen is low tier among YC2
Hello Topi chan,

For classic YC2 I have only Jozu Smoothie and Queen
For guys like Roo or BB YC2 they will be stronger than your traditional YC2 etc

so among Jozu Smoothie and Queen I have :
Jozu as the strongest
Queen in the middle
Smoothie as the weakest

So yeah I disagree, Queen is not low tier YC2 he is middle pack YC2
even worse you agree Sanji got no damage from Nusjuro's bite (that already held back by the Giants btw)
yeah I think that attack hurt him, but not a lot at all

There was no indication of real pain or injuries etc

Sanji was tossed aside that’s it and recovered in no time without any sequels

We have a Dragon-Smoker-Luffy scene, there is a parallel Aokiji-Doflamingo-Smoker scene. It is almost obvious to me that the last, third parallel scene awaits us, in which Smoker already acts as the one who saves. It would be logical and beautiful.
See the fact that Zoro would scar Kaido was foreshadowed by Oda. There is no foreshadowing by Oda right now about Zoro being the first to do it to the Gorosei.

Their weakness will be revealed in due time imo.
If you read more carefully, Oda already dropped the foreshadowing of Goroisei's weakness

Cursed / Kitetsu swords.

Zoro is shocked because he just sees Shodai Kitetsu which is higher quality than his Sandai, in the first time of their life.
Nusjuso is shocked not because he sees Sandai in first time, he is hundred years old he should have encountered other Kitetsu before. He is shocked because his weakness is in front of his eyes.
You just dont focus on insects
Bro needed to block zoro s attack
There s levels to this
Sanji fucks are seriously bragging things that have been done by Bonney Brook and some Giants

It is so fucking sad :suresure::suresure::suresure::suresure::suresure:

Imagine trying to equate a head to head conqueror's Haki clash with a Yonko Level+ character in 1v1
One on ONE

To getting Dropped like a turd in 5v1 while the very person you trying protect, is screaming like a whole getting fucked in the ass and a middle trio member has to clean the mess you cause.

How many times has Sanji been shit on trying to protect people this arc?

Verdict one

Verdict two

Verdict 3

What a worthless useless fucking bum lmao
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