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Foul Legacy

So thoughts of the clash? Shame the Nesjuro name attack was a lie but its pretty badass
I quoted my thoughts multiple time in the morning
Where do you think 400+ reply came from.
I was correct on most part.
- Nasujuro blocked Zoro instead of tanking it
- No AdCoC clash , just two CoC user clashing as of now.
- Zoro attack name. I think it's the upgraded version. I was wrong in this.
If Kuzan isn’t a COC user then Nasjuro clearly isn’t lol. Kuzan and Garp didn’t even directly clash (they punched each other face) and be still spawned island wide black lightning and a massive explosion/shockwave lol.

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Conqueror of the Stars
Sanji can be fodder but you gotta admit this is a pretty cool feat. It’s all in one fell swoop

Ain’t saying this ain’t cool or that the attack isn’t stronger but still

Oh please, stop going easy on these fucking lunatics lmfao

Sanji looks far, far superior to Zolo from these clashes. Zolo needed help to even clash with Pissjulo in the first place while Sanji completely overwhelmed him and knocked his teeth out. Zolo also clashed with one handed Pissjulo while Sanji overwhelmed two handed Pissjulo lol.

Sanji is legit the new number 2 of the crew, Zolo got left behind in his high diff battle with Lucci.

We also of course have this inconvenient little fact:

But no according to @ShishioIsDrunk Zolo showed ISLAND LEVEL ADCOC AGAINST KING [citation needed]
They both throw back bcs it was a power struggle dumbass
Nasujuro casually blocked the attack he had go try bcs zoro used more power
Yes and it ended up throwing them back equally because the clash was equal

It’s one attack from zoro. If you want to be technical and scientific then if zoro had no momentum at all he just would have fell down automatically after he lost it
Garp is the greatest Haki man in the series. No DF, No Weapon and yet Oda considers the Admirals as heroes just like Garp. Don't shoot the messenger.

This was actually a direct dig towards BM who was stated to have been granted strength by birth.
It wasnt gifted at birth yeah
It was gifted later by their bosses :kobeha:
Why linyagi banned? Kizaru got the biggest feat in Egghead yet being the only one to able damage sanji, bald bro with his shapeshifting sword couldn't do it, cracked his own teeth :finally:

Don’t mind sangoro, his turn will come later
>Bonney lands a harmless attack on gorosei
>Gorosei expresses his nonchalant they are about said harmless attack
>instantly regenerates from the fake damaji
>dispatches the fodder

As promised, sangoro

>lands an attack
>gorosei instantly regenerates the fake damaji
>dispatches fodder (quite literally ate him up and spat him out, Frank Sinatra style)

In fact his mind was somewhere else completely, couldn’t care less about the insects


No fake damaji needed. We go haki for haki with the source of all the “preposterous haki” and blow motherfuckers away:myman:

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