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Sanji made nusjuro bleed
Top man is stronger

The crew is more than zoro and sanji and that’s okay

So have Sanji and nami this arc

  1. Originally planed as the vice captain
  2. Lied about it
  3. Luffy’s best friend
  4. Parallels buggy
Usopp being vice captain is inevitable
Yes they are. But let’s not act like Zoro and Sanji aren’t the most important members under Luffy and leaders of the crew.
At this point, his DPS is up there with Kaido and Shanks, but he is average to below average in every other stat

I mean he needed to be thrown by Jimbo just to cover a small distance

I'm just going to say it Shishio, Zoros become something of a glass cannon
The glass cannon that temporarily stopped the hackai. The glass cannon that left Kaido scarred. A stacked cannon that dealt x2 damage for the entire Onigashima raid. The glass cannon withstood Goofy's damage + its own on T.B. According to Lo, it is impossible for dad to move without 30 bones. A stacked cannon that easily dodged Lucci's top 2 attack and turned him into mincemeat. The only thing that Zoro is inferior to some characters is long-range mobility. That's it. Damag, haki and Zoro's stamina are at the level of yonko.
Exactly people completely ignore Zoro's counter attack would have never happened if Jinbe wasn't there. Jinbe also blew Lucci away so Zoro would stop fighting.
I’m not taking anything from Zoro, the dude is a beast. But he isnt the only beast, Jinbei clearly has full respect from Luffy & Zoro. Thats the highest praise one can get in the crew.

Jimbei is one of the most underrated characters in here and it's all because of agenda seekers.
If we follow the manga without bias, Jimbei is a very very high high tier, borderline top tier if not the case.
He has tons of experience, excellent haki and worked with multiple top tiers through his career.
One of the best allies the SHs could get l.
Proper Shichibukai, excellent recruit. Remember Law and Kidds reaction.

3th strongest strawhat jinbe is delivering
100 %
Welp Sanji had Exos that able to "heal" his broken bones
he legit had the same eyebrow as this one

But Well this mean changing his eyebrow not always mean he is on Exos
That’s before the transformation was complete. When it finished Sanji said his body no longer feels weird and his eyebrow flipped. He’s able to turn the exo and healing factor on and off at will
Only excuses are the ones you're posting.

Zoro only defeated King when he turned off his gimmick lmao.

No sky split from Zoro even though he had the opportunity to do it, clearly Oda just doesn't think he's at that level yet and there's no shame in that, Zoro will have to wait till EOS.
In fact, it was the fear that acoc Zoro would damage King's flame mode that made King retreat and attack from afar
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