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Lol wut it's been weeks :kobeha:
And he's an ancient zoan Oda.


I rather he was injured because of marines being hunted due to cross guild. Maybe that's why he hasn't been able to fully recover yet too?
King and Queen were still in bandages a week later too but idk if they had seastone on them too, presumably so I guess ofc?

Surely Zoan users should recover quicker?
Is Yoru 100% above Shodai Kitetsu? If so I might have to tell sorry to Mihawk fans :noo:

Venus is so cool bro.

I am impressed by both Zoro and Sanji performance against him honestly. :kayneshrug:
Backtracking now lmao 🤣
You quite literally stated you don't care what Oda labelled them as which is Heroes then came up with your version of what you label them as. Pathetic.
Yes he did and still dont care :risiup:
Your talk was about being born gifted
Some are like that or some beg for daddy wg fruits :risitameh:
They are the strongest but they don’t have to be everything and okay

Also those roles are more meaningful given to usopp and nami more than they’ll ever be to zoro and sanji
No they don’t have to be everything, but they are the leaders of the crew regardless.

When the crews in peril and needs leadership cause Luffy messes up or Luffys gone, Zoro and Sanji are the ones who step up. When Luffy and the crew were separating, he Zoro and Sanji were all leading their own groups, when the crew were reuniting Luffy Zoro and Sanji reunited. When Oda highlights two crew members that stand out as Luffys wings that’ll allow the pirate king to soar it’s Zoro and Sanji.

Usopp and Nami are great, but they’re not VC or Chief of Staff type characters


Welp Sanji had Exos that able to "heal" his broken bones
he legit had the same eyebrow as this one

But Well this mean changing his eyebrow not always mean he is on Exos
sanji being durable only when his eyebrow is flipped has always been headcanon, we literally see him heal up and have the exoskeleton with normal eyebrows.
Yes he did and still dont care :risiup:
Your talk was about being born gifted
Some are like that or some beg for daddy wg fruits :risitameh:
So you admit that you got bodied 🤣🤣
Whatever Oda considers to be canon is canon, Sukuna dog. And Oda considers them heroes in present time despite being gifted fruit powers 🤣🤣
Both king and Lucci had to stay on the ground to give zoro a fair fight

I don’t want the same to happen to nusjuro where all his mobility and speed is basically thrown out the window just so he and zoro can fight on the ground for 99% of the fight

It’s just a waist of abilities tbh even if zoro can beat them I’d rather see him fight someone that matches his style more
Stop the BS. You and a few others continue to lie and make stuff up about Zoro and his opponents.

Lucci specializes in speed and CQC. Kaku is a better range and mobile fighter than Lucci. Look at there battle against the seraphims. Zoro destroyed Lucci in speed and CQC.

King has the best flight and mobility in the manga. He tried to beat Zoro by knocking him off the island but fail because of Zoro's power to move through the air. He used range and flight throughout the battle to try to beat Zoro yet failed. The only time he was able to hit Zoro was when Zoro was distracted or King was fighting at close range.

After Zoro mastered enma and obtained ACoC, King went through his through all his mayjor moves and power to try beat Zoro and failed. King tried high speed movement, CQC, powerful AP, range, distraction sneak attacks/trick, flight, distance and range yet it all failed.

What's funny about this is when King used range, distance, speed and flight to try to beat Zoro at the end, because he didn't think his flame mode would protect him from Zoro's AP, you and others called him stupid. Now you're claiming King had to stay on the ground and fight Zoro at close range.

Stop, you are embarrassed yourself.
To be fair he was stabbed in the neck, how is he even alive.
Odas plot armour. Meanwhile Asura Doji and Izo die in such ridiculous ways along with one CP0 member at least but Mr Go tanks a completely enraged, full force, haki loaded bagua head on from Kaido and survives even though he should be a puddle of blood and a crater lol.
Oda gave so much plot armour in onigashima on (sun) god though.

I'm happy Drake is alive, I feared he would be dead too like Hawkins who I'm mad is supposedly dead though but the genuine rat bastard Apoo lives on just fine and unharmed.
Tell this to this moron @Monster Zoro's Tesla Supplier

Lucci one shots HIGH TIER Sentomaru and Stussy
Queen is HIGH TIER


No awakening
Killing his own subordinates
Distracted by geisha and mouse
Wet his pants against Meme

How much is a clown Queen's ass is
You could even make a case for Lucci beating Marco or Kuri on a good day, let alone fucking Queen.
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