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No, they looked like clowns cuz Luffy was the only one doing anything worth shit.
Luffy doing what? None, Luffy is dead nowadays he is being carried 100% by Nika

And by that extension, Nika did what?
Punched Lucci who recovered fully 2 minutes later
Can't keep Kizaru busy and ended with Vegapunk's death
Terrible decision to let Sanji take care of Vegapunk which again leads to his death
Basically never defeated anyone this arc
Ran away from Warcry although being backed by 2 strongest known giants
Feels relieved Warcry stopped chasing them like a real loser
You mean the Zoro that put Lilith in her place while a certain someone was busy being shameless?

Or the zoro that defended the ship from cp0?

Remind me what sanji did when his master Stussy got attacked? Reached for nami's purse to subdue an already critically injured kaku.

What did zoro do?

And you have the nerve to compare him to this guy?

This meme summarizes egghead sanji
Another hypocrite who didn't show any moment where sanji was useful
No need to answer to a brainless
Then he should've done it himself instead of asking jinbei's help

also plz stop mentioning me thanks
I told you already, he needed help to save sunny in time, the throwing did not help with the clash at all just to make him get there before the sunny was scrapped, proof is that the impact that sent both flying was due to the CoC colliding.
Is that the metrics we use to grade? If he took an attack? Come on now, Sanji parried Venus' sword and attacked him setting his head on fire. That is impressive, as in Zoro clashing with Venus and both being blown back. Did we also forget the Jinbe assist? Both have pros and cons but both are impressive.
Blud is comparing sneaks to a clash of haki.
The day Oda comes out and says only sneaks surpass all we can talk.
Meanwhile Runji is competing with the weakest Strawhats for feats. :risitameh:
@Sir Yasheen Might as well add, Luffy's most iconic moves, Gears, exists thanks to Lucci.

In Egghead he kept exceeding everyone's expectations.
Who would have thought he would have equal clash panel against the form who defeated Kaido? And recovered 2 minutes later
Who would have thought he would have better feats than Kizaru?
Who would have thought he could stall Zoro who already crippled King for chapters?
Who would have thought half dead Lucci who get similar portrayal as TB Zoro / MF Whitebeard, still endured it all and still relying information to Mars instead of being KOed?

Don't run away, answer me why Lucci doesn't have fans?
Have you seen the manga panel Sanji is clean. Getting bitten did nothing to him. The way Sanji parried his sword was highly effective he parried and attacked him in the matter of seconds. How many have hit a gorosei and made them cough of blood? It's a feat
Asside from sneak atacks Sanji couldnt hold his ground and was trashed instantly, not only that but he did zero damage. Zoro on another hand proved he could clash equally with the gorosei, not only that but he is also staying behind to stall him. Sanji proved he could never last more than 3 seconds against the same opponent.

You can disagree but we both know you would just be copping
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