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Blud is comparing sneaks to a clash of haki.
The day Oda comes out and says only sneaks surpass all we can talk.
Meanwhile Runji is competing with the weakest Strawhats for feats. :risitameh:
Was it a sneak or was it that Venus was unable to sense it due to Sanji's speed? Dangerous game you playing, Zoro was tossed by Jinbe and Venus sensed him coming and blocked his attack with both being blown back. Making a gorosei bleed and set his head on fire is impressive as is stalemating the same gorosei despite both being blown back. Both are still impressive
lmao do u still that think nusjuro have a bb?? And that oda retcon his clear showing of shodai pre timeskip?:choppawhat:we can clearly see his blade as he is starts to unsheath and cut the ship, and in comparison we see zoro non haki blade which are colored exactly the same the top of the blade is shaded and the bottom of the blade is white... then we see them with arnament haki on them. Do you concede???If oda was gonna give him a bb he would have done so pretimeskip lmao i tried to tell you.

your explanation is headcanon, exo with normal eyebrow is in the manga there's nothing you can possibly say that will ever change that
Basically you cannot provide a logical reasoning or explanation which would explain why Oda still draws the eyebrowflip and why Sanji has it when he tanks S-shark?
My explanation isn't headcanon, Sanji was already feeling weird.

The exoskeleton process was slow and developing, so it's a logical conclusion that in those panels his trasformstion didn't completely ending, but it was close to it since he started to show the exoskeleton rigeneration, after the eyebrow flip like a few pages after it was completed.
Asside from sneak atacks Sanji couldnt hold his ground and was trashed instantly, not only that but he did zero damage. Zoro on another hand proved he could clash equally with the gorosei, not only that but he is also staying behind to stall him. Sanji proved he could never last more than 3 seconds against the same opponent.

You can disagree but we both know you would just be copping
Uhhh bleeding and your head being on fire is an indication damage is being inflicted. Now whether it's lasting damage is another discussion. Same can be said for Venus on Sanji, Sanji is clean he has no damage from the Venus encounter. 3 seconds? Lol how long do you think a clash is with both being blown back?

Wait for thr next chapter before this stay behind talk. Sanji is near Luffy so if Luffy is leaving everyone is leaving. If Luffy stays Sanji is also right there. This stay behind talk is completely irrelevant. Captain says the goal is escape.
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