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That's the awakening, we still didn't see her awakening. Imagine the 12 year old also gets an awakening ...
well she can change the age of other people and even turned Luffy into an old week man. So she can kinda choose the future for others as well. But let me add this. Step 1: future where my power is awakened
Step 2: future where everyone is nika
Step 3: future where the manga pacing is okay(error doesn’t exist)

Oda about to plagiarize tf outta Kishimoto lmao.
It's 100/10 for Bonney enjoyer
I won't want other using a bullshit power to easily replicate a special God fruit reserved for only the protagonist......
Anyway whatever it's Oda's idea
For Nika haters this would be top tier cringeness lol.
Let's hope we get close to the ending of the arc with this.

Oda is always over the top for secondary character that are also main integral part of a particular arc like Bonney, Momo etc, forced saddened backstory, idolizing Luffy, and then at the end give them powerful abilities beyond their capabilities.
thts right n thts y luffy wasn’t doing anything these past few chapters where sanji got his moment plus franky n zoro just got his moments jimbei also
Luffy was fighting Kizaru, twice, then Saturn. then Jupeter and Warcury. and of course Lucci and the Seraphims earlier.

Their big moment is 1 basic DJ kick, 1 dodge, 1 block.
Hell Oda has given random fodder giants better feats than the other strawhats so far.
So, just a silly thought I had, but, you all remember Toki, Oden's wife from the past?

Well, what if every time she jumped ahead into the future, a little wrinkle in time occurred. So, like when she sent Momo and the others into the future...what if that wrinkle altered the flow of time from where Bonney was actually born to Kuma and Ginny and was the one to succeed Joy Boy to it being Luffy instead?

The Butterfly Effect, in so many words.
Too complicated for Oda
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