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I don't expect any power-up to beat Gorosei.
Just knowledge of their weakness.
Once figured out, Zoro will one-shot.

He only needs PU against 2 people.
Personification of cutting everything - Mihawk.
And personification of cutting Nothing - Shiryu.

Only those two cannot be beaten without powering up.
All others are one-shot material.:goyea:
Zoro doesn’t need a power up for Shiryu. He is already one shot material.


Mainly transitional so not the most exciting chapter, also, only 12 pages of content. I like the moment with Bonney, but they needed to be confronting Saturn instead of Mars to really hit with me. Yes, I'm still hung up on Nika vs Saturn needing to happen.

Getting 12 page increments ain't helping the overall enjoyment, but I'll wait and see where all this goes over the next 4-5 chapters.
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