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Zoro doesn’t need a power up for Shiryu. He is already one shot material.
To be honest, yes, unfortunately Shiryus feats are a bit underwhelming for this stage.

- Lost to Magellan (admittedly a VERY strong character with a vicious DF in a confined place)
- Yet to be hyped by WG or Marines as a pirate. All focus on BB and Kuzan (Aokiji)
- No black blade
- Snuck Moriah but didnt finish him off
- Snuck Garp but also took a hell of a beating

But I still have very high hopes for him. Mainly so if the awakened DF grants him haxx powers on level with BB and Law.

So we can officialy confirm the downfall of OP (Loda after 25years broken even the most loyal fans)

I remember same shit happening for bleach and naruto. At last OP join the other 2

To be honest, the other 2 were much more consistent and not that bad if we take what hot mess OP become:shocked::josad:
The downfall started earlier. 2 Nikas isn't even that bad compared to some of the nonsense we had to put with in this manga in the past.
Ok, does this confirm the iron giant = Zunesha 2.0 ? People were having doubts about it and were making claims such as the robot fighting Saturn so the Straw Hats can escape. Instead we got double Nika to the rescue.

Personally was hoping for more Sanji / Zoro feats and sure why not some feats from the rest of the Straw Hats.
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Top tier avi. By the way why is your profile page locked?
I am guessing he has you on ignore list.
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