Break Week One Piece - Chapter 970: Oden vs Kaido [BREAK WEEK]

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He is actually shown to not just be a muscle head but can actually be strategic.
This is true. Before it looked like Oden was the brains and Kaido was the brawn, but now it looks like Kaido at least knew of all the deception if not helping plan it. I don’t think Oda will ever give us a “clean” victory of a pirate taking over a country against their will. It’s a scummy process so they’re going to be scummy as a rule.
Then Orochi basically made WG his chickens by using Kaido name to make them listen.
Orochi shooting an agent and nothing happening makes them chickens? We’ll see. CP0 is only there to make money. They don’t have any interest in doing anything else with Wano...yet.
I see its said here, "wait until we hear the promise from Orochi to Oden" And I get the logic from a certain point of view, I just find it incredibly weird that Oden for whatever reason decided to trust Orochi. When he himself already knows the man is untrustworthy

Add to that the fact that he knows his country is suffering. At the very least I'd expect him to gather an army in secret, just something other that sitting idly by and ruining his good name while Kaido and Orochi consolidated their power.
Ultimately, the tragedy of Wano appears to be not that Oden was faced with insurmountable odds, but that he was an incredible idiot. That is what leaves a bitter taste for me for these past 2 chapters.
The fight while having a good double-page spread felt like it could've been fleshed out a bit more and ultimately felt a bit anti-climactic to me.
I believe Oda to pull off the traitor reveal but hope that it is nuanced and doesn't fall flat like someone simply being against Oden since he left Wano for those 5 years, the buildup for this reveal has been immense and same should go for its reveal too.


yeah people Oden is a fool but stop criticizing him being fool is his fate and let me quote the legendary dark king : "Maybe there is no such thing as coincidence in this world. Maybe everything that happens is inevitable. Destiny goes on its podding way "
Its a metaphor oden ]
I hope wano makes people drop one piece, so OG ppls can finally have discussion NOT about power level .

pretentious youtubers, plastic fans, naruto and bleach fan who FOMO-ed here, drop.

one piece is as huge as it is exactly because it is a DECONSTRUCTION of a typical power level fighting shonen.

and look at this :

nothing in there focuses on power level escalation anymore apart from some . Just accept it even shonen has moved on from those type of storitelling.

just need to get it out of my chest. OJ used to be awsome and not filled with zombies
One piece was always popular even before naruto.

The milleinial gen like powerlevel fights . Courtsey of OPM and other shounen fighting series have wttracted young gen.

Odas fan base are mostly adult now. Most of them 90s kids complain less.Though i am not blind fanboy i do criticise it because i love the story.


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How would an apprentice know Roger is that type from that one battle only
Especially if he didnf fight Roger straight back then as an apprentice
It was not "that battle only" it was THE BATTLE OF ALL BATTLES Xebec might have talked about Roger or something or the reason Roger fought Xebec that day who know but idk if he did something with Roger after that...... but who knows
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